I talk funny sometimes, lol. So, I decided to create an apparel line with my crazy Buffisms. Now, if you are crawling financially right now (and we all need to from time to time myself included), don’t even think about clicking on this section because it is filled with WANTS not NEEDS. If you have my recommended amount of peace of mind money saved, come through boo and enjoy!

People are MY reason
My grandmother wanted us to start a family business so that we could provide good jobs for our family members and for people in our community. I wanted to take her wish to another level by also helping to empower people who have been laid off to hire themselves by becoming entrepreneurs. I think that a lot of people think that owning their own business is out of their reach and it really isn't. It's hard work but if you have the drive and determination you can do it. And to honor my grandmother my team and I will be here to coach you along the way.
Buffie is a gem

She went above and and beyond what she was required to do and just made me feel very at ease. She is quick, very knowledgeable, nice and provides great work.

Lauren G.
Business Owner
Buffie and her team are AMAZING

I cut corners with less expensive tax accountants before but would have come out better paying more for Buffie's services because she understands small businesses and deductions. This team is THE BEST. And fun!

Delaine R.
Good Experience

Not only did Buffie and her staff correct past mistakes made by previous accountants, they also have helped me to set up my S corp, my quarterly bookeeping and financial planning.

Lay'Na A.
Self Employed

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